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Thoughts from Lori+, June 26, 2013

The question comes up from time-to-time about how one becomes an Episcopalian. The actual question might be: How does one become a member? Or: What is the definition of a member? Or: Who exactly are”members” of this church? In the past, that was all very clear.

  • An Episcopalian was either Baptized into the church; or if joining the church later in life, Confirmed by the bishop.
  • If one moved to a different parish church, that person requested to have his or her “letter” transferred to the new parish.
  • To be a “member in good standing” meant that one had received the Sacraments (meaning Communion) three times in the past year.

All very neat and tidy. [Read more…]

Thoughts from Lori+, June 19, 2013

If you were in church on Sunday morning, you heard the announcement that we will have one service time – 9am – for July and August (through Labor Day weekend). The first Sunday of each month, we will use Rite One for the Eucharist; with Rite Two on the other Sundays. After Labor Day, we will return to two services: 8 o’clock (Rite One) and 10 o’clock (Rite Two).

While this abbreviated summer schedule is not perfect for everyone, it is a compromise. Those who favor the 10am service and Rite Two will have to come earlier. Those who favor 8am and Rite One, will have to be content with Rite Two for a few weeks. But I believe that the benefits will outweigh the costs is several ways, especially as good stewardship of the building during these warmer weeks, as well as of the time and energy given by those who shepherd our worship such as altar guild and Eucharistic ministers. [Read more…]

Thoughts from Lori+, June 5, 2013

It is with much regret that the Vestry and I have decided to end our ministry known as Little Cherubs Preschool. Due to the unfortunate lag time between the resignation of the former director and our hiring of Barbara Bridgeman as our new director, our enrollment for this just-ended school year was only five children. However, LC had some grant money in reserve which helped cover expenses for the first half of the school year. But those funds ran out in January and the church has been covering LC expenses since then. Given that we were already operating at a shortfall, this added to our financial burden. [Read more…]