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Lessons & Hymns for Sunday, March 30, 2014

by the Rev. William P. McLemore

SCRIPTURE REFLECTIONS: The Old Testament reading is from I Samuel 16:1-13 records the effort of Samuel to select a successor for King Saul whom God rejected and his selection of the ruddy young David. Psalm 23 is the well-known “Lord is My Shepherd” reading. The Epistle, Ephesians 5:8-14 tells the familiar Pauline theme of Christ delivering us from darkness. The Gospel, John 9:1-41, is the story of Jesus healing the blind man and his dialogue with his disciples about the subject of “sin.” [Read more…]

Thoughts from Lori+, March 26, 2014

There is a lot of Hollywood hype these days about the movie, “Noah” with Russell Crowe. I have very mixed feelings about this sort of thing. On the one hand, the trailers are intriguing. It looks like an action-packed thriller with some interesting actors. It might be worth seeing for those reasons alone, if you like that kind of movie. [Read more…]

Coffee & Conversation – March 30, 2014

Join us for Coffee & Conversation after church this Sunday. Our discussion of biblical epochs continues with the story of Moses and the Exodus. This is considered one of the essential elements of the Old Testament; nothing less than the formation of a desert tribe into the Chosen People. It’s hard to narrow down a recommendation for reading. Just dive into the book of Exodus. Preparation isn’t necessary though. Come for the fellowship and some interesting conversation. Everyone is welcome.

Coffee & Conversation – Sunday, March 23, 2014

Join us for Coffee & Conversation this Sunday after the Eucharist.  We’ll enjoy some fellowship and then have a brief discussion about the Old  Testament saga of Abraham and Sarah. It’s not necessary, but if you want to read ahead, start at Genesis 12. All are welcome.

Thoughts from Lori+, March 19, 2014

Bill and I went to see “Twelve Years a Slave” Monday night. I knew the background, of course: not only the history of slavery in this country, but that the movie is based on a true story written and published by the man who experienced it. I steeled myself and thought I was prepared. But it was nonetheless difficult to watch. The brutality and injustice was overwhelming. I haven’t read the book, and I realize that it’s possible that some of the raw violence in the film is exaggerated. But even if that’s true (and it very well may not be), there is no denying the horrors perpetrated on generations of men, women, and children. In fact, the reality of slavery was probably much worse than that depicted in the film. [Read more…]

Lessons and Hymns for Sunday, March 23, 2014

by the Rev. William P. McLemore

SCRIPTURE REFLECTIONS: Our first reading is from Exodus 17:1-7 where the Israelites are angry with Moses for leading them to a place with no water, and Moses pleads with God to provide water, which God does. Psalm 95 refers to this testing of Moses and the people of Israel by God. In his Epistle, Romans 5:1-11, St. Paul reminds us that “while we still were sinners Christ died for us.” The Gospel (and this is a LONG one, bring a picnic lunch) tells the story of the Samaritan woman at the well where Jesus promises that the water he has will give eternal life. His witness to this woman made Jesus more attractive to many Samaritans. [Read more…]

Lessons and Hymns for Sunday, March 16, 2014

by the Rev. William P. McLemore

SCRIPTURE REFLECTIONS: Our Old Testament reading is Genesis 12:1-4a and this brief passage describes the call of Abraham (Abram here) to go forth to create a “great nation.” Psalm 121 proclaims the Lord’s protection of the people of Israel. The Epistle, Romans 4:1-5,13-17, finds St. Paul commending the faith of Abraham as righteousness. Our Gospel reading is John 3:1-17 and records the interesting conversation between the Pharisee Nicodemus and Jesus who explains to him what being “born again” means (in the Spirit and not of the flesh). [Read more…]

Thoughts from Lori+, March 12, 2014

I’ve always been fascinated with the heavens. Nothing stirs my imagination quite like looking up at the night sky, especially from the beach or someplace where the stars are bright and clear. It never ceases to amaze me; to set my mind reeling with the knowledge of how, on the one hand, we are so small, and yet on the other hand, only a “little lower than the angels.” [Psalm 8:5] Maybe that’s why I’ve never been bothered by the idea of evolution. It has always seemed evident to me that the point of the creation stories is that – however it all happened (or is happening) – the source, the creator, is God. [Read more…]


Remember that we come together in one service beginning this Sunday, March 9th, at 10am. As is fitting for Lent, we will be using Rite One until the beginning of Holy Week. Also remember that this Sunday is the spring Time Change, which means losing an hour.

In Lent, we will be discussing some of the major biblical stories during Coffee & Conversation, which follows the service. This Sunday, we’ll look at the creation stories. Yes, stories – plural. Are you curious? Come find out more, and/or add your knowledge to the conversation.

Mardi Gras

Getting us Ready for Ash Wednesday

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Thanks to everyone who helped prepare the taco feast for our Shrove Tuesday celebration last night, and to all those who attended.  We had 29 people altogether and truly made it a Mardi Gras party!