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Weekly ePistle 11/19/14

WE EXTEND OUR SYMPATHY AND PRAYERS to Phyllis Mueller and her family upon the death of her brother, Howard. The service to mourn his death and celebrate his life will be Thursday, November 20, 2014 at The Presbyterian Church of Morris, Illinois, at 11 o’clock in the morning.

Thoughts from Lori

This Sunday is PLEDGE SUNDAY. You may, of course, mail your pledge card or drop it off at the church office or bring it on any Sunday (hopefully soon). The purpose of having a Pledge Sunday is to provide an opportunity for us to offer our pledges in the context of worship and to bless them during the liturgy.
But what is most important is that you make an actual pledge. It’s a plan, a signed commitment* to the life of this parish. By so doing, you not only promise to contribute financially, but you also do these things:

You are enabling the Vestry to plan more effectively for the next year.
You are declaring that this parish belongs to you… and you to it… and staking your claim not only in our present life, but in our future.
You are strengthening your relationship to God and deepening your spiritual life by taking this leap of faith. [Read more…]

Weekly ePistle 11/12/14

Thoughts from Lori

It’s only two weeks until Thanksgiving! That seems incredible to me, but I guess that’s partly because I lost half of October traipsing around the country between here and Georgia and Florida and back. I’m still trying to catch my breath and make plans all at the same time! So here are some plans that you should know about, and in which you will join us:

We are invited to the 8th annual (new to me!) Community Interfaith Thanksgiving Service on Sunday evening, November 23rd at 7pm, Blue Lotus Temple, 221 Dean Street, Woodstock. The theme is “Melodies of Gratitude.” The offering will benefit area food pantries.

Our own EVE OF THANKSGIVING service will be on Wednesday the 26th at 7pm. This is our opportunity to give thanks for our abundant blessings the evening before Thanksgiving Day. [Read more…]

Weekly ePistle 11/5/14

Thoughts from Lori +

It’s good to be home! We left McHenry three weeks ago while the leaves were still colorful, drove south where they had barely started to turn, and returned (as we expected) to bare trees! It is, after all, November in Illinois. Three weeks felt like an eternity and way too long to live out of suitcases. Again, it is good to be home.

Sadly, however, we got back just in time to say goodbye to our beloved George Boehlke. He received the Ministration at the Time of Death (see p. 462 in the BCP), also known as Last Rites, on Monday evening. He slipped away peacefully this morning at a little before 2am. You should have just received an announcement of his death, along with the funeral plans, but just in case you missed that announcement, we will print it again below. [Read more…]