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Weekly ePistle 1/28/15

Thoughts from Lori +

February 2nd is the Feast of the Presentation. (see Luke 2:22-40) It marks the occasion when Mary and Joseph, in keeping with Jewish law, brought Jesus to the Temple to be dedicated to God. As they entered the Temple, an elder named Simeon recognized the child as the Messiah. Then another elder, a woman named Anna – who the scripture says “never left the temple but worshiped there with fasting and prayer night and day” – also recognized the holy child as the “redemption of Jerusalem.” Once again, after angels and shepherds and magi, the identity of Jesus is revealed.

It is for this Anna that the Society of St. Anna the Prophet is named. The Society was founded in 2005 (see and is recognized as a Christian Community in The Episcopal Church by the Standing Commission on Religious Communities of the House of Bishops. This is the “SSAP” you may have noticed after my name in various places such as the list of staff on our service program. I have been part of the SSAP since its inception and am a life-vowed sister. We are Episcopal lay and ordained women over 50; married, single, partnered, widowed; some retired, some working. We renew annual vows each year based on our own discernment and understanding of three principles: creativity, simplicity, and balance. Our ministries are primarily to elders and the very young.  [Read more…]

Weekly ePistle 1/21/15

Thoughts from Lori

There are two questions that resonate with me on a regular basis. The first is: WHAT ARE YOU READING? Whenever someone asks me this, I’m immediately curious about what that person is reading, and a great conversation ensues. It also prompts me to actually consider the question and ask myself some pertinent questions; like, what am I reading? Is it worth my time? Am I reading something fun? Edifying? Engaging? Do I have too many books going at one time? What’s the best thing I’ve read lately? Is what I’m reading having a positive effect on my life?

What are YOU reading? Please feel free to share it with the rest of us. We can even make a list of recommended reading for ourselves. Just send me the information. We could even start a swap library. Anyone interested? [Read more…]

Weekly ePistle 1/14/15

Thoughts from Lori

I expect that most of you have heard or seen reports on the news about the tragedy in Baltimore, the See City of the Diocese of Maryland. Their newly consecrated suffragan bishop, the Rt. Rev. Heather Cook, has been charged with manslaughter, driving under the influence, texting while driving, and leaving the scene of an accident. On December 27th she was involved in an accident which resulted in the death of cyclist Thomas Palermo. Mr. Palermo is survived by a wife and two young children. Bishop Cook is now in jail, having failed to post the 2.5 million dollar bail set by the court. [Read more…]

Weekly ePistle 1/7/15

Women’s Tea

All women of the church who wish to participate in the planning of the Women’s Tea on February 8th, are invited to stay for a meeting THIS COMING SUNDAY following Coffee & Conversation (at about 11:45am). Remember: this is a fund raiser which will benefit women in developing countries by providing micro-loans through Episcopal Relief and Development.

Tickets: $20 for parishioners; $10 for guests.

Thoughts from Lori

As I write this today, January 6th, it is Epiphany; the Day of Epiphany. Around the Christian world, this is the feast honoring the visitation of the Magi, also known as the Wise Men or the Three Kings. If you remember from my sermon last Sunday, we really don’t know all that much about them. Scripture doesn’t actually say how many there were, nor does it refer to them as kings; not in the New Testament anyway. [Read more…]

Weekly ePistle 12/31/14

Blessings for the New Year

O God our Creator, who has ordained the movements of the spheres by which we number our days and seasons; we pray you to enable us to reflect wisely on the year past, and to prepare faithfully for the year to come. We offer our praise and thanksgiving for the immeasurable mercy and grace which you pour out on us. We ask only for the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit that we may share these gifts with those who hunger for them, that we may not only be your children, but also your servants. In the holy name of Jesus, amen.

The New Moms Baskets

Once again, you have demonstrated your incredible generosity! Our New Moms baskets are overflowing with the evidence. The baskets and their amazing array of baby gifts will soon be distributed to mothers and their babies through the Diaper Bank sponsored New Moms Program. Thank you so much for your participation in this, our Advent outreach project. [Read more…]