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Weekly Eucharist and Laying on of Hands for Healing

I have always loved the Eucharist.  Having grown up in a decidedly Protestant tradition, one that passed around trays with tiny cups of grape juice and crackers maybe twice a year, the Eucharist was the first thing I fell in love with when I was first introduced to the Episcopal Church. Without knowing how or why, it fed me in some deep way that I didn’t even know I had been craving.  Over the years, it has never failed to feed me.  Even when I doubted God, even when I was broken and wounded – maybe most at those times – I have always been somehow nourished by that small piece of bread or wafer and that sip of wine.

Now as a priest for almost 30 years, I find that is still true.  And being the celebrant or presider at the Eucharist is the most profoundly and consistently holy and healing thing I do.  It doesn’t matter whether it is in the context of a grand service with glorious music, or on a TV table in someone’s living room.  Jesus is with us whenever and wherever we break bread and share the cup in his name.

Beginning in September, I am offering this parish, offering you, an opportunity to experience the Eucharist at a mid-week service on Wednesday evenings at 6:30, including the Laying on of Hands for Healing.

So, who is this service for?  It’s for anyone who hungers.  Who feels drawn by the presence of Jesus in this holy meal.  For anyone who wants more.  Perhaps you missed Sunday when you were out-of-town or not feeling well or had to work.  Maybe you’ve been inviting someone to come with you to church, but who is reluctant to come to the main service on Sunday morning.  This service will be a simple Eucharist; no music, a very brief homily (usually based on a saint’s day), all lasting about 30 minutes.  The Laying on of Hands for Healing will be available for anyone who desires special prayers for any kind of healing.

Consider yourself invited, not required, but invited.  I’ll be here.  So will Jesus.

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