Children at St. Paul’s

As a small parish, St. Paul’s offers an intergenerational approach to worship.  Children of all ages are warmly welcomed among us as we gather each Sunday morning for the Holy Eucharist.  We have dedicated a play area in the nave so that small children can move around freely, and given the intimacy of our worship area, can still see and hear what’s going on.  There is no question that – all appearances to the contrary – they absorb all that is happening.  Parents often report that they find their children repeating and re-enacting parts of the liturgy in their own play.

There is also a rocking chair in the children’s area, and there are changing pads in both the women’s and men’s restrooms.  All of this is designed to send the message: CHILDREN ARE WELCOME HERE!

Children's CornerAs an Episcopal church, St. Paul’s offers the sacrament of Baptism to children who are presented by their parents (or parent).  If you would like to know more about this, contact  Children who are already baptized are welcome to receive Communion as soon as they look to you and lift their hands to receive it.  Imitation is their way of learning.  At this point, it’s not as necessary for them to understand what they are doing; just that it is special and important because they see that it’s special and important to you.  They are learning by doing, and God is blessing them!