Thoughts from Lori+, June 19, 2013

If you were in church on Sunday morning, you heard the announcement that we will have one service time – 9am – for July and August (through Labor Day weekend). The first Sunday of each month, we will use Rite One for the Eucharist; with Rite Two on the other Sundays. After Labor Day, we will return to two services: 8 o’clock (Rite One) and 10 o’clock (Rite Two).

While this abbreviated summer schedule is not perfect for everyone, it is a compromise. Those who favor the 10am service and Rite Two will have to come earlier. Those who favor 8am and Rite One, will have to be content with Rite Two for a few weeks. But I believe that the benefits will outweigh the costs is several ways, especially as good stewardship of the building during these warmer weeks, as well as of the time and energy given by those who shepherd our worship such as altar guild and Eucharistic ministers.

Here is my exhortation: if, as many of you maintain, we are one congregation with two services (as opposed to being two congregations in one building as others suggest) then I personally expect you all to be here in church on Sundays at 9am when you’re in town! No picking and choosing, and no complaining! Let’s come together to make our summer worship particularly meaningful.

While I’m on the subject of worship, our organist/choirmaster Julie Sundin will on vacation in July. Supply musicians are few and far between, so most if not all of our services in July will be without our normal music. We’ll be particularly grateful for her contributions to our liturgy when she returns!

Also, please remember to keep up with your pledges and giving during the summer if you travel and are away. Summer can put temporary stress on our already tight budget. Oh, and if you visit other churches when you travel, remember to bring back a service bulletin to post on the parish hall bulletin board.

Peace and blessings!