Thoughts from Lori+, December 11, 2013

It’s become something of a joke around here that I’m responsible for all the snow… ’cause I keep praying for it! As the joke goes, only a former Southerner wants it to snow. So I admit it: I love the snow. Maybe there will be a point at which even I say, Enough! But for now, I’m lovin’ it.

Maybe it’s because my mother, may she rest in peace, was from upstate New York, and I have some wonderful childhood memories of the winter we spent there when I was almost five. My father had gone back into the Navy for the Korean Conflict, and Mother went home to be with her family for the birth of my sister. I remember being bundled up in a snow suit (I could hardly move!) and making snow angels with my mother. It’s a sweet memory.

I even remember the night my mother came into my room to tell me that she was going to the hospital to “get” my new brother or sister. “It’s a sister,” I informed her. And I was right. Well, I had a 50/50 chance and got lucky.

So all things considered, I have magical memories of winter and snow. But I’m growing more aware of the awesome danger it also holds. Four people were killed last Sunday on I94 between Milwaukee and the Illinois state line in a 50 car pile-up. And with temperatures this low, being outside for any length of time can more than uncomfortable – it can be life-threatening. So Bill and I are coming to terms with being new Northerners by getting emergency kits ready for each of our cars.

Surely there’s a metaphor in here somewhere about life: that all things contain both beauty and danger. I’ll think about that. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the snow and hoping for a white Christmas. And may we all stay safe and warm!